As mentioned in a previous post, this blog isn’t quite serving my needs. Sure I process mostly in HDR, but there are times when I break away from this and photograph something which isn’t processed as HDR, perhaps just a nice black and white capture, or a handheld snapshop in a random location. As such […]

St Paul’s View

I really do love this building, and try to seek it out wherever I go in London, especially if I’m up high. Though it took me some time to realise that the lights which highlight the dome seem to turn off at 11pm. I remember being up a building at the end of last year […]

The Wren & The Piano

The title of this post may sound like a poncy British pub, but it’s actually named after the two architects who are behind the designs of the two buildings featured in this image. Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece St Paul’s Cathedral is on the left hand side of the image. It’s an iconic building and has […]

London Panoramic + a look at this site

The above link is an attempt at a panoramic of London. It’s much better when viewed at full size so I encourage you to click the link and view it in full. It’s a bit special to me, and will certainly encourage me to do more in the future; most of my previous attempts really […]

Children Don’t Play Here Anymore

It wasn’t long after I stumbled into the fascinating world of Urban Exploration that I learnt about a place called West Park. It seemed to be the holy grail of Urbex in the UK, and I’m not surprised as to why that would be the case judging by the images I have seen of the […]

UrbEx failure

On Wednesday I made a trip to East London with a few friends in the hope to check out the Millennium Mills on the south side of the Royal Victoria Docks. I have seen some great images from this location and thought it would be nice to get up close and personal as well as […]

The Shard

I seem to only have time for photography on the weekends at the moment, and with a new found love of Urbex it means late nights and unproductive days. My plans for KRT this weekend were put to rest after I heard it had been closed down due to some chaps with a love for […]

Fly like an eagle

Up and down the City Road In and out the Eagle That’s the way the money goes Pop! goes the weasel Friday night we decided to try a little more UrbEx and headed to the lovely East end of London to check out a building currently being developed. The hardest part was getting into the […]

UrbEx near St Paul’s London

I went on my first UrbEx outing this weekend, and boy was it fun – I really knew nothing about the world of Urban Exploration prior to this trip, and since my youth I don’t think I have really stepped a foot off the path, as it were, and always stuck to where I know […]