The Wren & The Piano

The Wren & The Piano

The title of this post may sound like a poncy British pub, but it’s actually named after the two architects who are behind the designs of the two buildings featured in this image.

Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece St Paul’s Cathedral is on the left hand side of the image. It’s an iconic building and has been a key feature in the London skyline for 3 centuries since completion in 1710.

To the right stands Renzo Piano’s new structure ‘The Shard’, the tallest building in the EU and the 45th tallest in the world when completed in 2012. It’s already dominating the London skyline and seems to be viewable regardless of where you in this great city. When complete it will be something special to look at, and to look from, as a viewing platform will be available on the 72nd floor.

The image itself was taken from a rooftop in North London using a 500mm lens zoomed in to around 160mm. It’s a pretty powerful lens which was able to pick out the movement of people within the London Eye from around 2 miles away.

I liked the way I was able to frame the old and new structures in this shot. In a way they are in competition with each other, but at the same time they stand side by side in an attempt to make the London skyline something special.

I imagine over time the buildings going up will get bigger and grander, and places such as St Paul’s will be lost amidst the high rises. It’s still one of the more beautiful pieces of architecture in London though, and will always be special to me.

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