As mentioned in a previous post, this blog isn’t quite serving my needs. Sure I process mostly in HDR, but there are times when I break away from this and photograph something which isn’t processed as HDR, perhaps just a nice black and white capture, or a handheld snapshop in a random location.

As such the title of this blog is in itself providing a restriction to what I want to do. That needed to change.

I also find this blog wasn’t really identifiable with me. I wanted something that felt a little more like home, and which could help to represent – for want of a better term – my brand.

I’ve now moved my photoblog over to http://www.murphyz.co.uk and this will be my last post here. I’m not sure what purpose this domain may serve in the future, but it’s not right as my photoblog at this time. I know it’s quite soon to be changing this, but it’s good to try and get it right near the start and not have as much to undo.

I hope that if you are reading this you will already know the new location; but would welcome you dropping by and saying hello, updating your bookmarks and linking to the new site from here on in.


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