Life in Motion

Life in Motion

With the cold just about cleared up, and clouds threatening to open up and release a torrent of rain I headed out tonight for what feels like the first time this year. It nearly never happened as the friend who I was intended to go on a photowalk with had to bail at the last minute, plus a super busy day at work meant I was a couple of hours late in leaving there plus had skipped lunch so the last thing I was feeling like was trekking around a busy central London to take photos.

I was itching to get out there though, and so I grabbed a coffee and headed out into the night.

I’m so pleased I did.

Yes, it was super busy as you would expect on a Friday night; people, traffic and noise weaved all around me as the city night life thrived. I zoned out and spent a couple of hours walking around and actually forcing myself into the busy spots, a complete contrast to the solitude I thought I wanted.

The shot above is the iconic Piccadilly Circus. I was really pleased with how the movement of the traffic came out in this image; it was all moving in three different directions as I was taking each bracket, and so I used the manual ghosting tool in Photomatix to select the areas from each bracket that I wanted to use for the movement, and had to use the underexposed shot for the billboards which give out horrendously bright lights which often just ruin an image.

The shot below is one of the restaurants in the heart of Chinatown just beside Leicester Square. I love night photography (shocking as I was not at all confident with it a few months ago); it allows you to get rid of the people, so whereas my memory of this scene is that of many people moving to and fro, the final image is quite peaceful and as if we’re looking in on a nice, intimate family dinner scene. I added a slight blurred vignette to try and add a little distance between the viewer and the subject.

Golden Pagoda

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  1. Wayne Frost

    I really appreciate the Chinese restaurant scene. This is the kind of rich, lyrical image that will trigger all kinds of stories to play in your mind.

    Jan 15, 2011 @ 2:40 am