Cold Calling

Cold Calling

I’m full of a cold just now so trying not to head out much at the moment; it’s amazing how much energy photography takes out of you – just walking around, carrying all of the gear, trying to access places that seem to be shut up for some reason.

I took the camera out briefly this weekend whilst having a walk around London, but just did a little handheld stuff with the 50mm prime which I’m starting to really enjoy using.

The above shot was taken at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum which I visited last week. I took several shots of the interior machinery and have processed a couple of them, but nothing much. I came away with many photos but nothing really feels right as I look though them so I think they’ll go into the shoebox for another day. This shot was in the grounds between two of the buldings and I liked how the phone was just on it’s own on the wall. I had the wide angle lens on so pulled the tripod up really close tot he wall and zoomed in to the full 20mm the Sigma allowed.

I had a couple of shots of the phone and wasn’t really digging the results that I was getting, especially as the brick work was so uneven and I couldn’t fathom the best result when I tried to straighten the image up to suit different lines running horizontally. I then had the sudden thought to combine them into a diptych and this immediately changed the image for me; I loved seeing the open and closed states which I feel works really well together here.

After the museum, and as the sun was settings, we headed off down the road and found an old church which was all shut down. Hoping for a new place to do a little UrbEx we managed to get in the grounds and spent a good 30 minutes or more trying to do a single rotation of the church; the whole grounds were covered with overgrown, thorny bushes. I managed to get into a basement section but there was no access from there into the church itself so this trip was unfortunately not successful. It did provide a nice work out though, and a shock for the taxi driver who was doing a U-turn as we were climbing back out over the fence.

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