Brick Work

Brick Work

I spent some time geocaching yesterday. I had a couple of hours to kill doing this before meeting a friend so that we could check out a disused train station near where he lives. I walked a fair bit with my camera gear which I was going to be using later, but didn’t take any shots and wasn’t even walking around in a photo taking frame of mind, especially as I had a preplanned route and photography can, sometimes, take up quite a bit of time.

The final geocache I got was on a bridge, nicknamed ‘suicide bridge’ as a number of fatalities happen here each year. It has a lovely view of London also from this bridge, but the weather wasn’t great and I just made a mental note to return here one day in the summer.

On my way to the pub where I was meeting my friend, however, I was walking down an alley way and the above image leapt out at me on the way past. I had seen a few interesting things in the past few hours, but the way the bricks just jumped out of this wall at me meant I simply had to take a photo of it. I pulled off my pack, set up the tripod and slapped on the 10-20mm lens on it, but placed it quite near the wall.

As I was taking it I was imagining how the image may turn out in post and the result is pretty much how I had thought, which pleases me very much.

Here’s a (rubbish iPhone) photo I shot whilst waiting for one of the brackets:

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