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Children Don’t Play Here Anymore

It wasn’t long after I stumbled into the fascinating world of Urban Exploration that I learnt about a place called West Park. It seemed to be the holy grail of Urbex in the UK, and I’m not surprised as to why that would be the case judging by the images I have seen of the […]

Desolate London

Christmas is normally spent in front of the TV and/or the cooker; relaxation is key as you cook the Turkey, drink lots of alcohol and watch whatever rubbish the networks have decided to broadcast in place of their usual scheduled pap. Not this year, however. I was up at 6.30, and I doubt I’ve been […]

UrbEx failure

On Wednesday I made a trip to East London with a few friends in the hope to check out the Millennium Mills on the south side of the Royal Victoria Docks. I have seen some great images from this location and thought it would be nice to get up close and personal as well as […]

World Aids Day 2010

Several London landmarks were being illuminated in red yesterday to raise awareness of World Aids Day 2010. These ranged from the iconic (London Eye, BT Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral and the fountains in Trafalgar Square) to the not so iconic (County Hall, St Pancras Church and Alexandra Palace (I guess you had to spend the […]