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The Shard

I seem to only have time for photography on the weekends at the moment, and with a new found love of Urbex it means late nights and unproductive days. My plans for KRT this weekend were put to rest after I heard it had been closed down due to some chaps with a love for […]

The Cage

I took this image a couple of weeks ago. It’s just beside Chelsea bridge and was one of the first shots I took that day as I wandered around Battersea Park and had a nosy at the Battersea Power Station. There had been a lot of rain the night before, and drizzle was on and […]

Fly like an eagle

Up and down the City Road In and out the Eagle That’s the way the money goes Pop! goes the weasel Friday night we decided to try a little more UrbEx and headed to the lovely East end of London to check out a building currently being developed. The hardest part was getting into the […]

UrbEx near St Paul’s London

I went on my first UrbEx outing this weekend, and boy was it fun – I really knew nothing about the world of Urban Exploration prior to this trip, and since my youth I don’t think I have really stepped a foot off the path, as it were, and always stuck to where I know […]

Renoir Cinema

This cinema is located in the open air Brunswick Centre which is very close to my house but I never really seem to be there at the right time with my camera to take a photo of it…which is odd as it’s only a couple of minutes from where I live. I was on my […]

Wild Stallion

I have three main hobbies nowadays, and I like them all for various reasons. I play poker, both online and live and enjoy this for the competitive aspect and because it challenges me. I think this is the hobby I have which most keeps my mind and wits sharp. The other two hobbies are geocaching […]