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I was out walking yesterday and this was the last photo I took, and the only one that I processed last night. It was a lovely day. The sun was out, fluffy clouds worked their way across the sky, a couple of rain showers cleared the air – and there was a beautiful red sky […]


I am 5 weeks into this amazing world of HDR and would be the first to admit that I have a lot to learn. I see major improvements over the first images I took and my latest, and have been much more selective in what work I do post process after running it through Photomatix […]

Golden Hour

I’m not really a planner when it comes to photography. I know of the ‘golden hour’ and how the light during these times is softer and more likely to lead to better images, but I’m far too lazy to get up first thing in the morning – let alone get out of the house and […]

Tower Bridge

I managed to catch a few hours of photography on Saturday morning and ended up around Tower Bridge so I could try and get a shot of this iconic London landmark. I managed to grab the below image just before the rain hit us which was great timing. The image has been processed (obviously) but […]

My First Commission

As I was walking around the Kennington area this man held his hands up as I approached and begged me not to shoot him; he then realised I was carrying a tripod, not a gun, and approached me with a drunken swaggar. He insisted I take a photo of him, but didn’t seem to appreciate […]

Waterloo Panorama

I nipped down to Waterloo Bridge tonight to take a few photos as the sun was setting. This bridge is by far my favourite one in London, especially as day turns to night. You get great views, with the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament on one side, and the East of the city […]

Night time S[tarb]ucks

I went out tonight attempting to shoot in night time. It failed. I attempted 3 exposures and up to 25 exposures; all of them just looked a little nasty – possibly as I left the ISO at 100 in an attempt to reduce noise. There were some graininess, a lot of lens flare and things […]

Suspicious Activity

As I was stood taking this shot I was warned by a nearby shop keeper that the police would likely be along in a moment as this is a railway arch underneath a very busy London train station and I was stood with my tripod directly under two CCTV cameras which is apparently frowned upon. […]

Steady as she goes

Today I finally purchased a tripod. I love it! It had been raining all day and with an hour before the shops shut it suddenly stopped raining and the sun came out around 4pm, so I rushed out and purchased the legs and head. For the legs I bought the Manfrotto 190XPROB and for the […]

Photomatix 4.0 – reduce ghosting

One of the great new features in Photomatix Pro version 4 is that you are able to reduce ghosting as part of the tone mapping procedure, and can select the ghosted area and which exposure you wish to use as the key image. Here’s a quick look at it using an image I previously had […]