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As mentioned in a previous post, this blog isn’t quite serving my needs. Sure I process mostly in HDR, but there are times when I break away from this and photograph something which isn’t processed as HDR, perhaps just a nice black and white capture, or a handheld snapshop in a random location.

As such the title of this blog is in itself providing a restriction to what I want to do. That needed to change.

I also find this blog wasn’t really identifiable with me. I wanted something that felt a little more like home, and which could help to represent – for want of a better term – my brand.

I’ve now moved my photoblog over to http://www.murphyz.co.uk and this will be my last post here. I’m not sure what purpose this domain may serve in the future, but it’s not right as my photoblog at this time. I know it’s quite soon to be changing this, but it’s good to try and get it right near the start and not have as much to undo.

I hope that if you are reading this you will already know the new location; but would welcome you dropping by and saying hello, updating your bookmarks and linking to the new site from here on in.


St Paul’s View

I really do love this building, and try to seek it out wherever I go in London, especially if I'm up high. Though it took me some time to realise that the lights which highlight the dome seem to turn off at 11pm. I remember being up a building at the end of last year and looking in →

The Iron Church

A few days ago I posted a black and white image of a Church Bench; this is that church from the opposite side. It was taken as part of a quick drive around the Melton Constable area of Norfolk; I was partially hoping for a little UrbEx but the church ruins that we drove to did not have enough features →

The Wren & The Piano

The title of this post may sound like a poncy British pub, but it's actually named after the two architects who are behind the designs of the two buildings featured in this image. Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece St Paul's Cathedral is on the left hand side of the image. It's an iconic building and has been a key feature →

Church Bench

This weekend I left the wonderful city that is London and headed to the more rural settings of Essex and Norfolk. I took my camera gear with the intention of photographing a school where my friend works, the photos being taken for their own use so I didn't expect to get anything out of it for myself. However, →

London Panoramic + a look at this site

The above link is an attempt at a panoramic of London. It's much better when viewed at full size so I encourage you to click the link and view it in full. It's a bit special to me, and will certainly encourage me to do more in the future; most of my previous attempts really did not work out. Firstly, →

British Museum

This image is of the Great Court inside the British Museum in London. I'm ashamed to admit that I've only been to this museum four times in my life. That's not too bad, I suppose, as it's good to revisit museums every now and then to see what they have in their exhibitions. Why am I ashamed →

Brick Work

I spent some time geocaching yesterday. I had a couple of hours to kill doing this before meeting a friend so that we could check out a disused train station near where he lives. I walked a fair bit with my camera gear which I was going to be using later, but didn't take any shots and wasn't →

Life in Motion

With the cold just about cleared up, and clouds threatening to open up and release a torrent of rain I headed out tonight for what feels like the first time this year. It nearly never happened as the friend who I was intended to go on a photowalk with had to bail at the last minute, plus a super →

Cold Calling

I'm full of a cold just now so trying not to head out much at the moment; it's amazing how much energy photography takes out of you - just walking around, carrying all of the gear, trying to access places that seem to be shut up for some reason. I took the camera out briefly this weekend whilst having →